Mission & Vision of Company:-

The Mission of the Company is to give continued stress upon development of Innovative Products & Development of Innovative Services, Value Addition to the existing Products & Services, Maintaining High Quality Standards, Providing Specialized Support System, Always Keeping Commitment done to the Clients, Keeping Time & Being Punctual along with fullest Dedication & Honesty.

The Vision of the Company is to provide the client with indigenously made (Made In India) highly Affordable, High Quality, International Standard, Innovative Products & Services, with proper cost free online / telephonic guidance for application, without any kind of confusion (for choice of products from a very wide product ranged), without over-prescription of materials; so as to serve the Nation at large for all sections of the society, with Export potential to other Countries of the World.

About Directors of the Company:-

Mr. MM Banerjee is the Founder & Owner Director of the Company. Born and brought up in Digboi Assam, as his father was a top official of IOCL (AOD), Digboi, he had a keen flair for experiments and innovations since childhood. Although being an electrical engineer from Bangalore, he didn’t choose to join a job, as he had been offered to join as a Management Trainee Officer of PSU; which was the easiest and safest path for him choose from. Instead he opted for starting business and developed an innovative item from a petroleum waste product in the year 1992. The product was a new innovative wax based waterproofing compound and was named as ‘Brewcoplast’; conforming to IS 390 & IS 1322 as per testing done through the famous National Test House, Government of India.

In those days, scientific waterproofing treatments using various waterproofing compounds were mostly unknown to the common people. The product ‘Brewcoplast’ was very affordable to the common people which performed very well, thus becoming very popular and successfully gave Mr. Banerjee a break-through start of his career for many years until the availability of raw material became scarce. Mr. MM banerjee kept on innovating new products and gained ample experience in the field of all types of scientific restoration, waterproofing & corrosion treatment processes and also developed innovative methodologies.

Mr. MM Banerjee looks after all matters related to overall smooth running of the Company.

Mrs. Uma Banerjee who is a graduate (Hon’s) from CU and the other Owner Director of the Company, is registered with MSME as a Woman Entrepreneur. She is an expert in the field of Administration, HR and Soft Skills and looks after Welfare for Company employees, with a very high level of dedication and sincerity. She also provides other back-end supports to the Company as and when required for day-to-day smooth running of same. She is also an Artist, Writer and a very good Orator.

About Chief Technical Advisor of the Company :-

Dr. Anjan Kumar Dutta, ( B.Sc, BE-Civil Engg., M.Sc-Structural Engg., M.Tech-Structural Engg., MEE-Environmental Engg., Ph.D-FR Concrete Engg., MBA-Marketing Management, MBA-Financial Managemet, DEM-Export Management, M.Phil-Environmental Science ) is associated as Chief Technical Advisor of the Company.

Professional Associations of Dr. Anjan Kumar Dutta :-
  • Member, Institute of Engineers, India
  • Chartered Engineer
  • Chartered Structural Engineer
  • Empanelled Structural Engineer, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Kolkata, India
  • Member, India Concrete Institute, Chennai, India
  • Member, Indian Geo-Technical Society, New Delhi, India
  • Member, Indian Institute of Bridge Engineers, Mumbai, India
  • Member, Institute of Structural Engineers
  • Member, Science For Society, I.S.
  • Member, Indian Science Congress
  • Member, All India Freelance Journalist’s Association, Chennai, India
  • Member, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce
  • Fellow, Management Promotion & Implementation Council, New Delhi, India
  • Fellow, United Writers Association, Chennai, India

International Associations:-
  • Member, Structural Engineering Institute, USA
  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers, USA
  • Advisor, American Biographical Institute, USA
  • Advisor, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, UK

Position Principal Technical Consultant
Company Name VIVEK UDYOG
Tenure : November 2006 – Present
Position Principal Technical Consultant
Company Name VIVEK UDYOG
Tenure : November 2006 – Present
Position description: Consultancy for Holistic Building Protection from seepage, corrosion damage and dampness with holistic approach by implementation of scientific and latest innovative and state-of-the-art methodology so as to ensure execution of work in flawless manner with step-by-step back-up documents for ‘Ready Reference’ in future.

Last Position Held Senior Consultant (Technical & Corporate Affairs)
Company Name SRMB Srijan Ltd.
Tenure : From September 2012 – November 2014
Reporting Official Reporting to the Managing Director
Position Description: All matters related to Technical decisions on behalf of the company and decisions related to Corporate Affairs including strategic decisions, new business tie-up’s and launching of new products.

Past Position Held Proprietor & CEO
Company Name GEM
Tenure : From September 1993 – November 2010
Position Description Undertaken Waterproofing Coating / Strengthening / Rehabilitation & Retrofitting jobs for various prestigious Government Organisations, Corporate Sectors, Institutions. Expertise in Pressure Grouting, Membrane Treatment, Expansion Joint Treatment, Insulation of Building, Epoxy Grouting, Atmospheric Grouting, Epoxy Flooring, Anti-static Flooring, Sealing, etc. on Turn-Key Basis.

Other Professional Positions held by Mr. MM Banerjee :-

Past Technical Consultant – Lafarge Home Building Centre Technical Writer on ‘waterproofing’ for publication in various editions of Time of India throughout India on behalf of Lafarge Group Technical Writer for various E-magazines & International Journals on ‘waterproofing’ on behalf of Lafarge Group Waterproofing Consultant for various Corporate Sectors.

Voluntary Positions held by Mr. MM Banerjee :-
  • President of Rotary Club of Salt Lake City, Rotary International, District 3291 (2008,2009)
  • President of Bidhannagar Sports & Cultural Association (2011, 2012)
  • Executive Board Member, Eastern Chamber of Commerce (2008, 2009)
  • Chairman for International RYLA Committee of RC Salt Lake City Calcutta (2011)
  • District Chairman of Rotary International District 3291 (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • District Zonal Secretary of Rotary International District 3291 (2010, 2011)
  • Treasurer - Rotary Club of Salt Lake City Calcutta Trust ( 2019, 2020 )
  • Assistant District Governor - Rotary International District 3291 (2019, 2020)
  • Zonal Coordinator (Pulse Polio) – Rotary International District 3291 ( 2020, 2021)


  • Nominated for Indian Leadersip Award for Industrial Development in the year 2015 by All India Achievers Foundation.
  • Selected for be awarded Bharat Excellence Award in the year 2019 by FFI, India.
  • Nominated for India 5000 Best MSME Awards for 2019 by Govt. of India
  • Nominated for India 5000 Best MSME Awards for 2020 by Govt. of India.
  • Nominated for Indian Achievers Award – 2021(Brand Impact Award) by Indian Achievers Forum & CSR Times in the year 2021.
  • Selected by Nexus-Startup Hub @ American Center (India-USA) in the year 2017 for pre-incubation cohort after succeeding in a strong competition for ‘Start-up Innovations’ which was held throughout India; but unfortunately could not join the cohort due to scarcity of time as the programme was for a period of 10 weeks at the American Center, New Delhi, India, starting from 1st September 2017.

New Products & Innovations by Mr. MM Banerjee :-

‘Hot Selling Products’ :-
  • NO RUST – POLYMER – It is water based 3-in-1 innovative polymer primer for rust treatment.
  • NO RUST – PI – It is premium industrial grade water based 3-in-1 innovative polymer primer for rust treatment.
  • WATER REDUCING CONCRETE ADMIXTURE – Available as Standard, Medium & Highly Dense Grade.
  • TILES HARDENER ADMIXTURE - Available as Standard, Medium & Highly Dense Grade.
  • PAVER BLOCKS HARDENER ADMIXTURE - Available as Standard, Medium & Highly Dense Grade
  • FLY ASH BRICKS HARDENER ADMIXTURE - Available as Standard, Medium & Highly Dense Grade
  • TILES HARDENER + SHINER ADMIXTURE - Available as Standard, Medium & Highly Dense Grade
  • PAVER BLOCKS HARDENER + SHINER ADMIXTURE - Available as Standard, Medium & Highly Dense Grade
  • FLY ASH BRICKS HARDENER + SHINER ADMIXTURE - Available as Standard, Medium & Highly Dense Grade

Innovative Products & Methodologies which are ready and undergoing Pilot Testing:-

RUST PROOF TMT BAR CHEMICALS – This is an Alternative to FBE/Galvanized/SS TMT Bars or Re-bars – For value addition to Normal TMT Bars with Anti Rust Treatment, Barrier Protection Treatment & for building-up High Grip Profile, for the 1st time in the history of TMT Bars / Rebars in the Market.

NO RUST GEL – Gel type NO RUST with for non-flowable usage requirement.

ECO-FRIENDLY ANTI RUST / ANTI SCALING ENGINE COOLANT – New type of Eco- Friendly product which is customised for Indian climatic conditions.

METAL POLISH RETAINER LIQUID – Can be applied upon any polished metal surface to retain it’s polish.

METALLIC FILLER & SEALANT – For repairing of eroded, chipped-off portions of CI or other Metal Blocks.

NANO SILICONE COATING SYSTEM – For retaining waterproofing property with colourless finishing.

New Innovations under Pipeline :-

Recycled Plastic Modified Waterproofing Compound

Recycled Plastic Modified Concrete Admixture

Portable Free Hydro-electricity Power Generator

Others innovative items for adding value to the society.


Most of the products and services of ENTITY are Innovative in nature and have gained high reputation in the market due to their high quality and innovative nature. As ENTITY products ‘Speak for Itself’ the Company does not require any ‘Brand Ambassadors’ for promoting the same. Free samples are given to the prospective customers for their trial purpose and mostly all of the genuinely interested prospective customers are happy to place orders on a regular basis.

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